Mulco’s new Blacksteel watches

One of the newest and latest additions to the Mulco repertoire is the Blacksteel, a watch that gives that industrial touch to any man’s casual outfit.

The Blacksteel’s case sport a sober and tasteful look, and as the name portrays, steel is the headliner for this watch, displaying it in its original color and in rose gold, thanks to MULCO’S 48 hour ionization process, there are two color schemes available currently, with more coming soon.

The 40 years of quality watch expertise that MULCO has are clearly shown in the Blacksteel, with its 100 meter water resistance and mineral crystal, this ensures precision in pretty much any type of environment. Also, the hard silicone wristband ensures optimum durability without sacrificing comfort.

Of course world-famous swiss movement is the mechanism this timepiece works on, precision is always key. The perfect quality build and materials and the sleek, low-key design make the Blacksteel an ideal daily use watch that is perfect for the modern rugged man.

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